Tom De Wilde: Cutting Edge European Designer

If you haven’t heard of Tom De Wilde yet, you probably will soon. Tom is one of Europe’s up-and-coming young floral designers. He is co-owner of Poelman & De Wilde in Melle, Bel-gium and an instructor at the Belgian Flower School for professional florists. (We will take a tour of his fabulous shop in our next blog.) Tom’s innovative designs are seen at parties and events, restaurants, corporate offices and art installations. Take a look at his creative and artistic work. We are delighted that Tom will be teaching an intimate hands-on work-shop at our studio October 14-15.

Smooth black container with contrasting stacked peony tulips

Driftwood & fresh flowers parallel display: How did he do this?

Vertical stacked design highlights beauty of special ranunculus

Edging of garden roses and fall leaves displays beauty of bowl

Layers and parallel designs

Fantail willow and sand contrasting with ruffled cockscomb

Contrasting smooth textures of ti leaves, callas and anthurium with hy-drangea, trick and lichen

Love the contrast in textures: wool, orchids and berries

Warm flowers against neatly cut and assembled wood pieces

Flower School 2014 – 2015!

Celebrate! Learn! Enjoy!

Flower Class

Faith Flowers is pleased to announce its new schedule of classes, workshops, demonstrations and educational events.
We offer classes for flower lovers of all experience levels. Come learn, connect with others who share our passion for flowers or simply take a pleasant break from your busy life. All classes are held in our charming European-style Faith Flowers Studio.

We offer a variety of classes for all levels of flower lovers. Try one of our classes:

  • Are you a beginner? Take Flowers 101 Intensive, Grocery Store Flowers or our Flower Market Tour
  • Are you looking for design inspiration? New techniques? Try Mastering the Centerpiece or European Design with Tom De Wilde
  • Do you arrange flowers for your church? Church Flowers, classes for all levels.
  • Want to know how to build your own terrarium? Terrarium and Fairy Garden Saturdays
  • Want to improve your wedding flower design skills? Wedding Flower Basics, Mastering The Centerpiece, Wedding Ceremonies


Featuring: Multi-Day Classes & European Design Series

DSC_0366We are especially excited to offer multi-day intensive classes. Wedding Flower Basics will be in November and February. We have expanded our beginner workshops to be two-day classes, held in September and January.
Our European guest designer this fall is Tom De Wilde, co-owner of Poelman & De Wilde in Belgium. Tom is also an instructor in the Belgian professional horticultural school. Tom will lead two, private master classes in European design. He will teach you current European design styles focusing on hand tied bouquets and designs for parties and the holidays.
What makes our studio unique? We strive to keep our designs fresh and inspired by the experience we have had in Europe and around the world. Our European style flower studio is a comfortable environment with passionate and caring instructors. Come visit us!


Class Schedule 2014-15

Terrarium and Fairy Garden Saturdays – August 16 | October 18 and more
Flower Market Tours – August 13 |October 7 and more
Mastering the Centerpiece – August 19 | November 1 | March 24
The Art of the Natural Compote – September 16
Church Flowers 101 – September 20 | January 17
Intermediate Church Design – September 20 | January 17
Flowers 101 Intensive – September 23-24 | January 14-15
A Night for Brides – October 8
European Design with Tom De Wilde – October 14 and 15
Grocery Store Flowers – October 28 | March 7
Wedding Flower Basics: Bouquets, Boutonnieres & Business – November 3-4 | February 23-24
Wedding Ceremony Flower Workshop – November 8
Guest Design Series (speaker to be announced) – January 6
Cathedral of St Philip Antiques Show Flower Day – February 6
Cut Flower Designer Series (speaker to be announced) – February 7
Master Class (speaker to be announced) – February 8
Church Flower Demonstration – February 28
Church Flower Workshop – February 28

Custom Group Classes – We will create custom classes for your garden club, corporate team building or your group of friends. Please contact us for more information.


Featured In StyleBlueprint

We were honored when StyleBlueprint editor reached out to us to find out more about our Fairy Gardens Classes. Check out the excerpt from the article below and then click on the link to read the full article.Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 12.55.45 PM


Excerpt from article……

Springtime gardens conjure up thoughts of magical creatures that might dance beneath the blossoms. Do leprechauns, gnomes, sprites and fairies tiptoe through the tulips just outside your gaze? Maybe… Laura Iarocci, award-winning floral designer and founder of Faith Flowers in Virginia-Highland, has spotted them all, building fantasy playgrounds that beckon pixies to frolic from dusk until dawn. Today, Laura shares her secrets for connecting with this mystical realm.


Do you believe in fairies? Welcome to the world of Fairy Gardens — miniature gardens carving out little spots in our world for fairies to visit from theirs. Our studio specializes in the floral arrangements, terrariums and miniature gardens needed for enchanted habitats, incorporating natural elements such as moss, branches and leaves. Faith Flowers School presents workshops that help people learn to create their own fairy gardens. People of all ages attend our classes, as well as our private workshops, presentations for garden clubs, birthday parties or even “Girls Night Out” gatherings.

I have been fascinated with fairy gardens since my girls were little. Together, we searched for fairies on the coast of Ireland, bringing their magic back home with us. Then we designed fairy gardens for them, some on playgrounds and many in our own backyard. Drawing inspiration and materials from my mother’s collection of miniature antique dolls and furniture, we constructed a variety of landscapes and settings ready to host whoever might float in with the dandelion fuzz or slide down the next rainbow. Fairy gardens can emerge from a corner of your garden, a window box, a tree stump, a terrarium, a broken ceramic container — there’s no limit to the boundaries of magic or imagination. Our Faith Flower School students have brought in everything ranging from old crates to red Radio Flyer wagons, developing them into hidden havens. Read More….

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