2016 Flower Tour to Ghent Belgium

Our tour was centered around “Floralies Ghent” which is a historic flower festival occurring once every five years in Ghent, known as “Flower City”. The first festival dates back to 1808. Throughout the city, exhibits were created by top floral designers from Belgium and the world. We were luck enough to tour the many exhibits with Belgium Florist, Gudrun Cottenier. While in Ghent, we had two fabulous hands-on workshops with Tom De Wilde of Poelman and de Wilde and Gufrun Cottenier of De Groene Verbeelding, Bloemschikschool.

In addition to the amazing flower shows and workshops, we awakened our ‘foodie’ side and took full advantage of Ghent’s amazing food offerings. There wasn’t an empty stomach on the trip!




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